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Jelly Pancake House has been serving up Specialty Breakfast and Lunch to Chicagoland residents since 2008, boasting a menu consisting of traditional favorites, along with more unique selections. Recognizing the restaurant's potential, current owner and CEO, Michael Sullivan, purchased the brand in 2017 with the goal of enhancing the menu and overall customer experience. Mike “Sully” Sullivan is a former Executive with Buffalo Wild Wings and helped the chain grow from 150 locations to more than 1,200 units. In 2012, he was named emerging brands director, and was tasked with acquiring concepts and integrating them into the company. Joining forces with one of the original founders of Jelly, Steve Strogilos, the two plan to grow and share the amazing Jelly experience with communities throughout the Greater Chicago area.  A born and raised brand from Indiana will soon have wings as they plan to expand through franchising and company owned restaurants.


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